Meet Kaitlin French: Fashion Model & Influencer Based in Baltimore

Kaitlin French, born December 29th, 1995 is a fashion model and influencer originally from Brooklyn, NY now I living in Baltimore, MD. Coming from a loving family with 2 sisters and 1 brother. Growing up she was different. She got teased like many other small kids but being around her fashionista older sister, she has always had a keen interest in fashion, but never felt confident enough and like many never really knew where to start.


There is an entertainer on this front as well, who has started grabbing the eyeballs of the masses through her entertainment activities. She is none other than Kaitlin French (also known as Coco FR).
Fashion Statements
Kaitlin French has brilliant fashion and designing sense. She loves sporting unique looks whenever she comes out in public. Her fashion statements are followed. From head to toe, she is a fashionista. Her wardrobe is occupied with various designer’s clothes and accessories.

Kaitlyn French aka Coco FR is Making Waves in Style & Music

Kaitlin French, born December twenty ninth, 1995 is a trend mannequin and influencer initially from Brooklyn at the moment dwelling in Baltimore. She all the time had a closet filled with designer garments and purses and would repeatedly play costume up in her closet.